Mobs are fellow players and they can be recruited to our Hood. They will become our guard's ones they are trained and they can be assigned to different units to guard the units and it's perimeter. The entire process of recruiting, Training and Assigning will be explained in detail here. There are three keywords a player should familiarise when dealing with Mobs are Upkeep, Mob Code and Assign Space. These will also be explained in detail.


Recruiting Mobs is the initial step of guarding our Hood. This can be done from the Main Page and Recruit Tab. There is a shoutbox for all the players and we can post our unique Mob Code to let others know that you are available to be recruited. The Mob Code is a 9 digit unique number for every player. This can be entered in to send an invite to the players to be recruited. Player mob codes can be found from the Shoutbox or you can ask players for their mob codes on their private walls. In the future, we can create forums and Groups to share the codes. The recruited Mobs will be listed on the Mobs tab.


To train the Recruited Mobs, Get into Ammo Shop. The player can train his mob on Brass Knuckle, Baseball Bat or Pistol. Each category will have a different Assign Space and upkeep. Also, the cost of training and upkeep will inflate as you train more and more mobs.

  • Upkeep

Each of the trained mob will have an upkeep value and this will be reduced from the Income to determine the Cashflow. Cashflow and the details of the economy will be explained in the Economy section. Since the mobs consume upkeep, to train a mob the player should always have a positive cash flow.

  • Assign Space

Each of the trained mob will have an "Assign space" for him. This means that the mob will require that much space to be in a building. The assignable buildings will also have an assign space capacity mentioned towards them. For example - Taco shop have an "Assign space" of 1 and the Mob to be assigned hence should have only 1 Assign Space too.


The mansion, Business buildings, and Product lab can have Mobs assigned to them to guard them. The mobs assigned should not exceed the buildings assign capacity. The assigned guards will attack any Mercs trying to attack its perimeter. In the future, there will be defense units available as well and they will need Mobs assigned to them to make them functional.